Putin’s KGB Biker Rally through EU Nixed

People keep raining on Putin’s parade.

His biker buddy Aleksandr Zaldostanov, known as Surgeon, had been trumpeting a ride to be made by a bunch of bikers from the Night Wolves motorcycle club from Moscow through Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and on to Berlin to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the victory over fascism at Karlshorst, where the 9 May 1945 second Nazi surrender was signed. Today it was announced that the German government was revoking some Schengen visas issued to participants, and the Polish Foreign Ministry also issued a statement saying the group was not going to be allowed into Poland (while noting that other Russian commemoration groups were going to be allowed).

Polish MFA announcement of Night Wolves trip not being allowed

This is fitting, since this is not a normal biker group. Putin belongs to it (even though in PR shots he rides, of all things given his anti-Americanism, a Harley Davidson Lehman Trike–apparently the world’s top dictator cannot balance on two wheels), and it is heavily made up of former KGB, FSB, and GRU Spetsnaz personnel. It was involved in the takeover of Crimea and has openly participated in fighting in Donbas, Ukraine. Zaldostanov is nothing more than a crude thug ultra-nationalist (well, a neo-Nazi for all practical purposes).


The only drawback is that there were lots of groups, mainly in Poland, who were ready to confront them, which could have been mildly entertaining. We also will not be able to watch them shamelessly parade through Berlin to the Karlshorst museum (though they might feel at home, since up until 1994 just adjacent to the museum was the installation of a KGB Border Guards brigade).

So now Zaldostanov and his Chekist biker friends will have to stay in Moscow for Putin’s parade on 9 May. Nothing like a celebration of victory over fascism done by–fascists. Maybe they can keep some of the only high-level attendees company in the reviewing stands–basically the rogues’ gallery.


Zaldostanov and Putin

Zaldostanov and Putin



DNR Zakharchenko an MH-17 Witness (and other Lies)

Great video from Vice News of an interview done a few days ago with Aleksandr Zakharchenko, the Kremlin-anointed leader of the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic. Interview done by Vice’s star reporter Simon Ostrovsky, a Soviet-born American who has worked extensively in the war zone since the start. He was taken captive for four days in April 2014 there by some of the Russians/separatists.


Zakharchenko (by profession a coal mine electrician) was rather slick, though did not give a single answer that was not a bold-faced lie. Spoke of how his economy was crap compared to that of the rest of Ukraine because of the war (wonder who started that?) and because they were so busy fighting (imaginary) Kyivan fascists. His handler, or chief of staff, objected when Ostrovsky asked a question about the extensive video of the Buryat tanker from the 15th Tank Brigade (of the Russian Army) who was badly burned when his tank was blown up fighting in Debaltseve, saying the question was not approved in advance and he would be thrown out if he asked any more like that. But Zakh obliged and answered, saying there are lots of volunteers fighting in Donbas from Russia (ignoring the well-established fact that he was part of a Russian Army tank battalion fighting there form the 15th OTB).

His greatest bit of BS, however, was when Ostrovsky asked about his thoughts on the Dutch MH-17 commission findings that the Boeing was destroyed by an SA-11 Buk missile fired from Russian-held territory. Zakh repeated one of the Kremlin ‘versions’ saying that he himself had witnessed it, and said he saw two Ukrainian fighter planes pulling away after having shot down the 777. (Incredible eyesight apparently since the Boeing was at 10,000 metres, even though an Su-25 can only reach 5,000 with weapons mounted, and the fact that it was a fairly cloudy day.) He also said the aircraft clearly showed bullet holes. This is the long-debunked Kremlin version of a Ukrainian Su-25 ground attack aircraft having shot it with cannon (different than other versions including the really badly faked ‘satellite’ photo of a Ukrainian fighter firing an air-to-air missile at it). The holes in the wreckage were of widely varying sizes and came from an SA-11 warhead detonation. Fact. In short, Zakharchenko made up yet another lie, but his is par for the Kremlin and its useful idiots.

Vice News Interview with Zakharchenko

Oles Buzina Murder—Reality TV for Putin’s Q&A

Buzina called hero in Moscow by those who days earlier probably never heard of him

Buzina called hero in Moscow by those who days earlier probably never heard of him

Last Thursday, 16 April 2015, pro-Russian Ukrainian journalist Oles Buzina was shot and killed near his home in Kyiv. He was the latest in a string of murders and suicides of Yanukovych allies in Ukraine, with former Party of Regions deputy Oleg Kalashnikov having been gunned down in Kyiv just a day earlier.

The string that unites all the dead is that they were not high-visibility officials, but mainly normal Party of Regions deputies. Buzina was a journalist who had written pro-Russian columns and articles for several publications and had made some appearances on Russian political talk shows. He is not someone that could be called well-known, though Russian spin changed all that and made him instantly into a ‘well-known journalist’.

He was killed at 1320 local time in Kyiv (which is in summer now on the same time as Moscow). This occurred during the middle of Putin’s ‘Direct Line’ annual question and answer marathon. He was notified about the murder by moderator Kirill Kleymenov within nine minutes of the murder, who felt necessary to interrupt the Q&A (which was then on a totally different subject) to let Putin know that a journalist in Ukraine who most Russians had never heard of had been killed. He said ‘Mr. Putin, we have been receiving tragic news from Kiev just as we are holding the Direct Line with you. We have just received a report that Oles Buzina, one of Ukraine’s most prominent observers and journalists, has been killed. The Russian audience surely knows him, since he took part in talk shows on Russian TV networks on multiple occasions. This tragedy has just taken place. Former Member of Parliament from the Party of Regions Oleg Kalashnikov was killed yesterday. All in all, this situation is absolutely monstrous.

Vladimir Putin: This is not the first political assassination. In Ukraine, we have seen a whole series of such assassinations.

Irina Khakamada here asked a question about the investigation into Boris Nemtsov’s assassination – an assassination which I consider to be an absolute disgrace for this country. Law enforcement agencies must do all they can to track down the criminals. As we know, the perpetrators have been arrested.

In Ukraine, which is laying claim to the status of a democratic state and is seeking to become part of a democratic Europe, we are seeing none of this. Where are the killers of these people? There is no sign of them – neither the perpetrators nor those who have ordered these killings. Both Europe and North America choose to turn a blind eye to this.

Kirill Kleymenov: Of course, we express our profound condolences, above all, to Oles’s family and all of his colleagues.

Vladimir Putin: I join in completely.’

Putin direct line 15

A number of observers have commented on how this killing seemed made for TV and for immediate shock effect. Why would the moderator interrupt the Q&A with news of an unrelated event that had just taken place? Puti nwas also obviously totally prepared with his rant, which the moderator set up by the lead-in that these killings were monstrous.

Furthermore, Ukrainian political analyst Volodymyr Fesenko received an e-mail the next day from a group taking credit for the Buzina murder, Kalashnikov’s, and all the Party of Regions underlings’ murders and suicides going back to February. The group was the Ukrainian Insurgent Army–UPA (Українська Повстанська Армія) which battled both the Nazis and Soviets in WW-II, was inspired (though never led) by Stepan Bandera (the Russians’ main bogeyman, but who for most of the war was in a Nazi prison camp near Berlin), and was disbanded in 1956. It has only been out of existence for 58 years, but facts such as these never stopped Russian propagandists. The e-mail claiming credit and threatening all opponents of the Kyiv regime (which actually none of these ‘victims’ really were) was sent from Germany through an anonymiser that transited two IP addresses in the UK and US. Also, though it was written in Ukrainian by allegedly Ukrainian ultra-nationalists, it contained a lot of glaring grammatical and spelling errors, leading analysts to conclude that it definitely was not written by a native Ukrainian speaker.

But the murder (and that of some other sacrificed expendable former POR cadre) achieved its goal. A real-time Ukrainian ‘atrocity’ could be trumpeted by Putin on national live TV and contrasted with how he was able to find the Nemtsov murderers in a matter of days (or at least a couple of Kadyrov’s Chechen stooges to be the fall guys for a murder Putin himself obviously ordered to happen right outside the Kremlin). Two points for Putin’s propaganda show. Lots of idiots will believe him.

Ukrainska Pravda article on SBU analysis of e-mail



What? Putin Lied?

2008 Putin interview with German ARD TV

2008 Putin interview with German ARD TV

A couple of TV interviews of Putin have now surfaced from a few years ago where it made it very clear that Russia would not question Ukraine’s territorial integrity whatsoever. In fact, in the September 2008 interview (just after Russia’s invasion of Georgia) he got testy with the German ARD TV correspondent for even asking such a question. The relevant bits:

RFE Article with Putin ARD TV interview video

ARD: The French Foreign Minister, Mr Kouchner, recently expressed concern that the next conflict could be in Ukraine, more precisely in Crimea and Sevastopol, as a base for Russia’s naval fleet. Are Crimea and Sevastopol a target for Russia?

Putin: You said the next target. We did not have a target here [meaning Georgia] either. So I think talking about some kind of next target is inappropriate.

ARD: So you rule it out?

Putin: If you allow me to answer, you will be satisfied. Crimea is not a disputed territory. There has been no ethnic conflict there, unlike the conflict between South Ossetia and Georgia. Russia has long recognized the borders of modern-day Ukraine. On the whole, we have completed our talks on borders. The issue of demarcation stands, but this is just a technicality. I think questions about such goals for Russia have provocative undertones.

Interestingly he did leave some wiggle room as usual, noting that in Georgia they did not have a target either, but invaded anyhow. At least after creating the thinnest of pretexts, as in Ukraine. The difference of course is that with regards to Ukraine, Russia had signed the Budapest Memorandum in 1994 guaranteeing Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity within its existing borders in exchange for Ukraine giving its 1,200 nuclear warheads and delivery vehicles to Russia. That treaty and Putin’s own indignant denials should have been enough to guarantee Ukraine’s sovereignty, but of course Putin is not a normal person.




Fascist Fest Convention in St Petersburg (Russia Fighting Neo-Nazis You Say?)

Conference attendee in some sort of uniform

Conference attendee in some sort of uniform

Sunday, 22 March, the International Russian Conservative Forum was held in St Petersburg (in a Holiday Inn, of all places), which brought together a motley group of mainly European far rightwing extremists, Holocaust deniers, white supremacists, and outright neo-Nazis from some 15 countries. Hosted by the Kremlin-linked Rodina Party which was founded by ultra-nationalist Dmitriy Rogozin, former Russian ambassador to NATO, virulent American and Europe hater, and not Russian Deputy Prime Minister in charge of armaments and Moldovan separatism, the event was little more than, as expected, US, Ukraine, and Europe bashing, with a lot of Putin lauding.

Italian Forza Nuova

Italian Forza Nuova

Participants included Jared Taylor, an American white supremacist, Nicholas Griffin, head of the British National Party and a prominent Holocaust denier, Roberto Fiore, head of the Italy’s New Force (Forza Nuova) party which is unabashedly fascist, Udo Voigt, former head of the right-wing extremist National Democratic Party of Germany known for his anti-Semitic and xenophobic views, Georgios Epitidios from Greece’s Golden Dawn party which is neo-fascist and neo-Nazi and whose party’s emblem is a stylized swastika, Stefan Jakobsen, the head of the Party of Swedes and who is widely considered a neo-Nazi, Daniel Karlsen, the head of the Party of Danes and one of the founding members of the National Socialist Movement of Denmark who loves to pose in front of Nazi flags, Gonsalo Martin Garcia, a leader of the ultra-right Spanish National Democracy Party, and Horatio Maria Guerre, president of the European Communist Party Millennium which seeks the dissolution of NATO (showing again that ultra left and right are pretty much the same). Of course it would not have been complete without some fringe wacko representative of a group advocating secession of Texas from the US. There were numerous Russian right extremists and ‘Donetsk People’s Republic’ representatives. One Russian attendee Alexey Milchakov, who has fought in Ukraine, is a young neo-Nazi from St. Petersburg who heads a rebel storm unit of fellow skinheads who deny Christianity as a ‘Jewish religion’ and adhere to the pagan beliefs of the ancient Slavs. He gained notoriety in 2012 after publishing photos that show him decapitating a puppy.

Daniel Carlson of Denmark's National Socialist Party--one of the speakers

Daniel Carlson of Denmark’s National Socialist Party–one of the speakers

The resolution of the conference was a masterpiece of Soviet Orwellian Doublespeak that must have been drafted by some ancient USSR propagandist longing for his old job at the Soviet Foreign Ministry. The wording, with the exception of some ultra-nationalistic words about Christian values and references to Ukraine and US sanctions, would have been written in the 70s or 80s. Some nuggets (from their own imperfect official English translation, kept in its original form):

Spanish National Democratic Party

Spanish National Democracy Party

‘We demand the World Community to stop the “Cold War” concerning Russian Federation, the cancellation of all political and economic sanctions…’ (So apparently sanctions are biting if they want them taken away so badly.)

‘We declare that friendly and partner relationships with Russia is the most important condition of strong world and dynamic development of all the countries.’ (Russia, the cornerstone of peace and world development.)

Regarding NATO, ‘We will make all necessary efforts to eliminate the military-political pressure instrument to Europe and free European nations. We will achieve the fastest withdrawal of expeditionary cases of USA army from Europe, and eliminating prospecting potential USA on the territory of EU.’ (Could have been right out of a 1982 Soviet slogan book.)

There are numerous references in the document, of course, to the ‘peaceful policies of the Russian Federation (word for word from the past if you swapped Russia for Soviet Union).

‘We ask USA and its allies to stop the vicious practice of intervention in internal affairs of sovereign countries, to stop the export of “color revolutions” and to stop the creation puppet antinational regimes in independent countries.’ (Actually, as usual, they accuse the West of doing precisely what Russia is doing.)

‘The conflict in Ukraine is recognized us an internal affair of the country. But undoubtedly, this conflict concerns Russia more than the other countries: the biggest part of Ukraine consists of territories, that belonged earlier to Russia and were occupied by Russians. These territories were attached to Ukraine by forcible decision of totalitarian Bolshevist leaders. Nobody asked the opinion of people who lived there. Many years Russians were exposed to violent “Ukrainisation”.’ (This is almost word for word from some of Putin’s statements which cast doubt the existence of Ukraine and laying Russian claims to virtually all of it.)

Greek Golden Dawn

Greek Golden Dawn

Some of the main participants are listed here in the schedule (again, their English translation):


Speakers, Organization, Time

Lyubomirsky Yury, Organizator, 10:00-10:05

Alexander Sotnichenko, Host, 10:05-10:10

Igor Morozov, Federation Council, 10:10-10:20

Alexey Zhuravlyov, Party “Rodina”, 10:20-10:35

Roberto Fiore, Chairman of the APF, Italy, 10:35-10:50

Udo Voigt, Chairman of the NPD, Member of the European Parliament, Germany, 10:50-11:05

Mikhail Remizov, “Institute of National Strategy” (Russia), 11:05-11:20

General Eleftherios Synadinos, Member of the European Parliament, Greece, 11:20-11:35

General Georgios Epitideios, Member of the European Parliament, Greece, 11:35-11:50

Jim Dowson, LifeLeague – anti-abortion campaign, Northern-Ireland, 11:50-12:05

Nadezhda Shalimova, Expert (Russia), 12:05-12:20

Egor Kholmogorov, Expert (Russia), 12:20-12:30

LUNCH — 12:30-13:30

Stefan Jacobsson, Svenskarnars Parti (Chairman of the SvP), Sweden, 13:30-13:45

Daniel Carlsen, Danskernes Parti (Chairman of the DP), Denmark, 13:45-14-:00

Pavel Svyatenkov, Expert (Russia), 14:00-14:15

Сris Roman, Euro Russia (Belgium), 14:15-14:30

Alexander Ionov, Expert (Russia), 14:30-14:45

Gonzalo Martin Garcia, Democracia Nacional (responsible for foreign relations of the DN), Spain, 14:45-15:00

Luka Bertoni, League of Lombardy (Italy), 15:00-15:15

Irina Osipova, League of Lombardy (Italy), 15:15-15:30

Stanislav Vorobyyov, Russian Imperial Movement, 15:30-15:45

Yukka Davidson, National Party (Finland), 15:45-16:00

Olivier Wyssa, Lawyer and Member of the Rhone-Alpes Regional Parliament, France, 16:00-16:15

Sam Dickson, Expert (USA), 16:15-16:30

Jared Taylor, Expert (USA), 16:30-16:45

Alexander Sotnichenko, Expert (Russia), 16:45-17:00

Alexander Cofman, MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS OF DNR, 17:00-17:15

Nathan Smith, TEXNAT (USA), 17:15-17:30

Orazio Maria Gnerre, Millennium (Italy), 17:30-17:45

Nick Griffin British unity, former Member of the European Parliament, United Kingdom, 17:45-18:00

Vadim Zazimko, Expert (Russia), 18:00-18:15

Termination. Signing of the Resolution — 18:15-19:00

British National Party

National Democratic Party of Germany

Conference Website

Russian language article on the conference

In a way this is a continuation of Putin’s track record. He has been funding both extreme leftist and rightist parties in Europe, and the Kremlin hand-picked odd mixes of European Communists and ultra-nationalists/neo-Nazis to be the ‘impartial’ observers at his bogus referendums in Crimea and Donbas. He has also made use of the most neo-Nazi groups in Russia to do some of his dirty work in Ukraine and elsewhere (along with the Chechens, whose Islamic revolution he co-opted and turned via local dictator Kadyrov into a potent support and dirty deeds fighting force to do the bidding of the Russian Orthodox-fascist Kremlin). Interesting bedfellows.

But the conference was a fascistic success.


Crimea Annexation Celebrations, Tskhinvali Annexation Inked, Paid Attendance, and Russian Arrogance

Large Moscow crowd 18 March at Nemtsov murder bridge

Large Moscow crowd 18 March at Nemtsov murder bridge

Putin officially celebrated the first anniversary of his illegal annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula today with a concert on the Kremlin wall attended by about 100,000. Given the cynicism of his comments and of the entire event, it was cynically fitting that it was held on the corner of the Kremlin right at the end of the bridge where his top foe Boris Nemtsov was murdered nearly three weeks ago.


Putin addresses crowd 18 Mar 15

Putin addresses crowd 18 Mar 15

Attendance was probably largely regular brainwashed Russian nationalists reveling in the annexation of part of another country against international law commitments and human decency. However there were websites meant to boost attendance in the event that not enough showed up, promising participants 350 Rubles (about EUR 5). Not a few obviously non-Russians were seen attending, including Central Asian migrants.


Central Asian 'RUssian nationalists' at Moscow rally 18 Mar supporting Putin and Crimea annexation

Central Asian ‘Russian nationalists’ at Moscow rally 18 Mar supporting Putin and Crimea annexation

Website advertising money for attendance at rally

Putin did his usual, in the wake of the over two and a half hour special a few days earlier called ‘Crimea—Path to the Motherland’, in which Putin was extensively interviewed and even said he was prepared to use all means including nuclear weapons if anyone tried to stop his planned takeover of Crimea. Today he again said that Ukrainians are Russians and should get used to it (basically denying the existence of a Ukraine or Ukrainian people—the ones he and most Russians despise so much and are busy murdering), saying ‘Friends, we in Russia always saw the Russians and Ukrainians as a single people. I still think this way now. Radical nationalism is always harmful and dangerous of course. I am sure that the Ukrainian people will yet come to an objective and worthy appraisal of those who brought their country to the state in which it is in today.’ Indeed, the Ukrainian people are objectively assessing how the country got in the rough destroyed state it is in now, but it is because of Russia’s invasions. Putin cynically continued, ‘For our part, we will do everything we can to help Ukraine get through this difficult period in its development as soon as possible and establish normal interstate ties.’ This means that Ukraine must reconcile itself to being a vassal buffer state with no will of its own—full stop.

"I am Crimea" and ... (true)

“I am Crimea” and … (true)

Putin was joined by his favourite entertainers and of course by the Head of Crimea, Sergey Aksenov (who found it better to be in Moscow than in his own fiefdom). This is the guy Moscow installed as Prime Minister after Russian Spetsnaz took over the Crimean Rada and forced deputies to vote for him at gunpoint—the same guy whose pro-anschluss Russian Unity Party got a whole 4% of the vote in Crimea’s 2010 election. Truly representative government. Notably, the celebrations were on the same day as the signing in the Kremlin of a treaty with Georgia’s breakaway Russian-occupied Tskhinvali region (South Ossetia) which gives Russia full control over the region’s defence and security and removes customs and border controls, being just a step away from outright annexation. The symbology of the signing on Crimea annexation day is not accident.

Thin older crowd at Sevastopol celebration rally and concert, 18 Mar 2015

Thin older crowd at Sevastopol celebration rally and concert, 18 Mar 2015

Memorial guards in Sevastopol 16 March with presents of bread (how Soviet)

Memorial guards in Sevastopol 16 March with presents of bread (how Soviet)

'Tell me who Crimea belongs to and I will tell you who you are'

‘Tell me who Crimea belongs to and I will tell you who you are’

As for the actual celebrations in Crimea, they were about on par with those Russian TV showed in other parts of Russia, where a few thousand turned out. The crowds at the celebrations and free concert in Sevastopol were thin and overwhelmingly made up of pensioners longing for the old days (not a few Soviet flags were in evidence), and the military parade through the city was barely attended. But this is much like the official Russian TV footage of the annexation celebration free concert in Simferopol Crimea a year ago, where despite their best attempts at creative camera angles, it was apparent only a few thousand showed up. This, two days after 97% allegedly voted to joining Russia in the world’s fastest referendum (duly observed by a Kremlin hand-picked collection of European Commies and neo-Nazi party members).


Sevastopol 16 Mar 2015

Sevastopol 16 Mar 2015

Mil parad in Sevastopol with animated Russian state reporter and nobody on sidelines watching

Mil parad in Sevastopol with animated Russian state reporter and nobody on sidelines watching

Thin crowd 18 Mar 15 at Simferopol Lenin statue

Thin crowd 18 Mar 15 at Simferopol Lenin statue

'Crimea is saved!'

‘Crimea is saved!’

Medal for return of Crimea with starting date of operation 20 Feb 2014--when Yanukovych was still in power and his forces were gunning down protesters on Maidan

Medal for return of Crimea with starting date of operation 20 Feb 2014–when Yanukovych was still in power and his forces were gunning down protesters on Maidan


RT Continues Clutching Straw of Su-25 Shootdown of MH-17

MH-17 crash on largely overcast day

MH-17 crash on largely overcast day

How utterly moronic. Russian disinformation network RT, which first made up the story in July about how Malaysian flight MH-17 was supposedly shot down by Ukrainian Su-25 FROGFOOT ground attack aircraft, continues putting out new versions featuring the increasingly versatile Su-25. The latest comes after the chief constructor who designed the plane, a certain Vladimir Babak (who RT naturally point out was born in Kyiv—supposedly to cheapen his information), noted that the Su-25 can only fly up to 5,000 metres with weapons loaded, so could not have shot down an airliner flying at double that altitude. He noted an Su-25 could have attacked it up to about 4,000 metres but no higher, and that even if an air-to-air IR-homing missile were used to somehow bring down the 777, it would have only caused damage but not destroyed a plane of that size. This perfectly matched the sales literature from Sukhoi, which built the plane and markets it, which shows it can reach 5K with stores (weapons) and 7K clean. And sales literature normally tries to embellish capabilities for prospective buyers, if anything. Now that the constructor also weighed in, it should be a non issue, right? Wrong. RT brought in its own ‘experts’ to show how the designer of the plane knows nothing about it.

RT story 12 March on amazing Su-25 capabilities


Su-25 tech specs--from the manufacturer's website

Su-25 tech specs–from the manufacturer’s website

RT quoted various former Russian air force pilots, including former former commander of an aviation division, Major General Sergey Borysyuk, who noted that the jet would have had the capability to ‘maneuver comfortably’ even at such a high altitude. LIE (ask the plane’s designer and manufacturer!) He said ‘I personally flew, and not once, at an altitude of 12,000 metre….My colleagues have risen to an altitude of 14,000 meters.’ The former commander of Russia’s Air Force, Vladimir Mikhailov, also said he flew the Su-25, reaching an altitude of 14,000 metres.

But it gets better. RT brought in regular contributor and Veterans Today senior editor Gordon Duff who idiotically said ‘The claimed service ceiling is based on the oxygen supply in the aircraft.’ WHAT? So Su-25 pilots, who wear oxygen masks, wear some that only are good to 5,000 metres? And this somehow, if remotely true, would restrict the flying capabilities of the aircraft? In his end analysis, he claimed the Su-25 can reach 52,000 feet (nearly 16,000 feet). So much for the designer. Surely the next claims will be that the Su-25 has successfully made suborbital space flights.


But it gets even better. He said one cannot be entirely sure the detected fighter jet was an Su-25 at all, as modern radar spoofing counter-measures – such as those designed by BAE Systems and employed by NATO – are able to mask any other aircraft, be it an Su-27 or F-15, as another plane. ECM pods that change the plane type on radar? This is pure nonsense (otherwise known as BS). His allegation of course is meant to leave dangling the possibility that not only might the ‘evil’ US have given some most modern (so modern that they don’t exist) ECM pods to the Ukrainians for part of their evil plan to shoot down an airliner and blame it on poor Russia, but that the US might have done it with one if its planes instead. This is pure garbage.

He says any launch of a missile with a huge contrail would have been filmed by ‘thousands’. Fact is, the 777 was brought down by a Russian Army-crewed SA-11 Buk from the 53rd ZRBr out of Kursk, which is well documented (by Russians posting video and stills) moving from there to the Ukrainian border area, and the identical vehicle seen in Torez on a HET just before the shootdown, and then scooting through there later that day on the HET minus one missile. As for the lack of photos or video of the launch or contrail, there have been a couple, but in any case, this was a war zone with the Russians there popping off AD missiles and countless MRL and arty barrages daily, so another stupid launch and contrail is not something most locals would be concerned with. Also, the damage to the aircraft was caused by the Buk warhead detonating to the right front of the aircraft (consistent with a launch from Torez), with the worst damage seen in the cockpit. The massive damage to the left cockpit panel was made by fragments of sizes ranging from a centimetre to about 20 cm–not uniform 30mm rounds as bogus RT and Kremlin propagandist Kiselev kept putting out. The blast to the right front blew all these ‘high-speed’ pieces easily through the cockpit and out the left side, which is why as per the black boxes, there was no indication of what hit the plane and nothing on the voice recorder, since the crew was blown away in a millisecond.

Duff said he also discussed the possibility of the MH-17 flight having been shot by a surface-to-air missile with some of his imaginary experts from the Federal Aviation Administration, the FBI, the Air Line Pilots Association, as well as air traffic and air operational officers – and they all agreed that no proof of anti-aircraft missile use has been provided to the public. Point is, Duff just invents stuff and has no ‘sources’, because he is not a top acknowledged intelligence expert like he claims to be.

Duff’s ridiculous Veterans Today conspiracy disinformation website

Robert Duff of Veterans Today--supreme bullshitter and RT 'expert'

Gordon Duff of Veterans Today–supreme bullshitter and RT ‘expert’

So who is thie Duff that is one of RT’s ‘expert’ consultants? Gordon Duff runs the sickly named website Veterans Today, which is nothing but a Russian disinformation front and an insult to American veterans. Duff’s bio has him as a former Marine from Vietnam, a former accredited diplomat (for Russia maybe, but no record of him having been one for the US), and one of the world’s foremost recognized intelligence analysts. (Given the fact that he apparently has never been one, unlike many of us, this is just another lie of his.) He also consults with governments facing security risks and appears regularly in international media (meaning most likely Russia’s RT and Iran’s PressTV, which he regularly contributes to). But then again, he is a major conspiracy theorist and a major anti-Semite. His top claims are that US government mini nukes are what destroyed the WTC on 9/11 (though in other articles he claims the ‘Truthers’ assertion that some fantastical version of thermite melted the towers), and these nukes were even were part of the London terror attacks in 2005 (since apparently it is impossible to destroy a metro carriage or a bus with conventional explosives. He also has written that the Paris Charlie Hebdo slaughter was a ‘false flag’ (of course—everything is) and that that Sandy Hook school murders and Boston Marathon bombing were government staged events and nobody was even hurt, much less killed in them. This guy is a pure sicko, knows NOTHING about aircraft or weaponry or Russia (except maybe that he gets a paycheck from someone there perhaps), and is, of course, a top ‘expert’ for RT.

Duff and RT have reached rock bottom and continue digging.


Pozner Live—NATO Enemy at the Gates, and Ukraina Nash!

Vladimir Pozner

Vladimir Pozner

Feel like our minds were just assaulted for 80 minutes. Went to Cambridge University on the 9th of March to hear Vladimir Pozner speak. The lecture hall was packed with probably over 300, largely students, and mostly sympathetic Russian ones, whose ultranationalistic way of thinking came through quite clearly.

His slick talk boiled down to: Russia is encircled and threatened and Ukraine is ours.

For those who don’t know of him, he is 80 years old, and has been a major Soviet and Russian TV and journalism personality for many decades. He has long lived in the US, whee he first moved with his parents until his father was deported due to being a Soviet NKVD (predecessor of the KGB) agent. After stints in East Berlin, young Pozner went to work in the USSR as a journalist in a department of disinformation under the KGB (though he claims he didn’t know it was KGB) and spent a long time as a broadcaster for Radio Moscow World Service. He was one of those working in the 80s to get the US and USSR to understand each other, co-hosting the Spacebridge programmes with Phil Donahue (another KGB-inspired effort). More recently he has done travel shows about the US and France and has his own Larry King-style show now on Russian First Channel. But on to his presentation.

He began by trying to establish his neutral credentials, though rapidly this went out the window. First he said he would not be like RT, which is nothing but government propaganda according to him. Then he said that although he holds three citizenships—US, French, and Russian—he does not take any particular side. This would soon be shown to be a lie.

He used an alleged quote by Harry Truman to show how the West despises Russia, with the quote saying how Truman would support Russia or Nazi Germany to keep the other from becoming too strong, and so they would all kill each other. This quote is indeed easy to find on the internet, but not from any primary source, and cannot be found on the site of the Truman Presidential Library, so is most likely an internet proliferation. In any case, it was allegedly said when the US was already supplying the Soviet Union under Lend-Lease and is at odds with what Truman said later in the war when he lauded Generalissimo Stalin and the Soviet effort. But it fits in with the old Soviet line that the US and UK just wanted the Nazis and Soviets to kill each other off.

He said there is no desire in the West to understand Russia. Pozner pointed to a Time magazine cover from August 2014 which was all in red, with a small Putin in the right bottom corner, casting a large shadow of an airliner—obviously MH-17. Pozner pointed to this as a lack of wanting to understand Russia and just the US sensationalizing everything to do with Putin or Russia. During the evening this was his only oblique reference to MH-17, which was shot down by a Russian SA-11 Buk crew from the 53rd Air Defence Missile Brigade of the Russian military. It was obvious from the outset that this plane was shot down by the Russians, given the immediate claims by Russian fighters in eastern Ukraine on social media (before they realized it was an airliner instead of a Ukrainian transport plane) and the videos of an SA-11 coming to the area of the shooting and departing minus one missile later that same day. But to Pozner this was ‘bad journalism’ and a sign that the US was just looking for enemies in the Russians. Truth hurts apparently.


The Western criticism of Russia’s anti-gay legislation is unfair, because nobody is arrested or killed in Russia for homosexual propaganda, unlike countries like India where it is illegal and you can go to jail, but nobody criticizes India. The difference, which he fails to point out, is that in places like India, as bad as it is, it is a standalone issue, whereas in Russia it is a part of an integrated government control effort. He noted that the problem, apparently, is that Russian look like Westerners, so the West expects them to act the part. This is not really true though, since the West (which is generally understood to include countries like Japan and South Korea) also expects any other country to act according to commonly-accepted 21st century rules of behaviour, albeit with regional peculiarities. Also, for someone who lived so long in the US, he must have missed the fact that Americans (a land of immigrants from everywhere) don’t all look like Russians, including the current American President.

He went into a short selective history of the USSR to show how rough times were then, noting that people sacrificed in the hopes that future generations would live better. Also made a few Soviet jokes at their expense to establish his credentials.

He upfront made it clear that the US did not like the USSR or Russia, noting how US school kids practiced ducking under their desks in the event of a Soviet nuclear attack, and how the US treated them as the enemy. Of course unstated was that the Soviets did precisely the same thing at that time and even had dedicated political training.

Pozner mentioned that today the way of thinking about Russia in the UK is much like in earlier times when a certain Fletcher had written about the often bad peculiarities of Russia. He went on to say that it seemed that they today believed it to be much the same as what Fletcher wrote, as an example of how the West do not care to understand Russia. The person he was referring to was Giles Fletcher, who was the British envoy to the Russian court in 1588, and who returned having written a critical book about the Tsar, the aristocracy there, and the average Russian. In actuality many of his observations were spot on, and are still absolutely relevant today.

Importantly, he said that in 1962 the USSR and Cuba made an agreement that was fully legal under international law to install Soviet missiles in Cuba, but the US used illegal means to prevent their emplacement. He said to remember this point, since it would be important later in the talk (about Ukraine). (Actually it can be argued that Cuba was nothing more than a Soviet satellite, so not really a sovereign country in any agreement.)

His first major lie was the typical Russian one used again and again. He noted that when Gorbachev agreed to reunification of Germany after the Berlin Wall fell, that the US agreed that there would be no eastward expansion of NATO. He said that after 1991 the West rationalized the expansion (which didn’t start till 1997) by saying the agreement was with the USSR, which no longer existed. This is patently false. Numerous participants of the talks note that the only agreement was that NATO would not post any non-NATO troops in the former East Germany. I was privy to some of the negotiation information at the time and that is indeed true. In fact, given that the Warsaw Pact still existed then as well as the USSR, nobody could have envisioned a case where NATO would advance to the east, which was all still under Soviet control. Gorbachev himself said in an October 2014 Russian interview, when asked about this alleged agreement, that ‘The topic of “NATO expansion” was not discussed at all, and it wasn’t brought up in those years. I say this with full responsibility. Not a singe Eastern European country raised the issue, not even after the Warsaw Pact ceased to exist in 1991. Western leaders didn’t bring it up, either. Another issue we brought up was discussed: making sure that NATO’s military structures would not advance and that additional armed forces from the alliance would not be deployed on the territory of the then-GDR after German reunification. Baker’s statement, mentioned in your question, was made in that context.’ So the only agreement was to not station non-German troops in the former GDR. Nothing about not expanding NATO, which in any case was done at the behest of the countries that had been under the Soviets for decades, and did not want to be in that position again. The US and NATO for years tried to hold them at arms’ length and offer things like the Partnership for Peace Programme instead, though they clammored for the real deal. But in any case, this disingenuous Russian disinformation invention is still getting mileage today.

He notes Russia is fearful of NATO expansion. As for installing missiles in eastern Europe, who is NATO trying to protect from—North Korea, or Iran, or Kosovo? (Actually the interceptors in question are anti-missile missiles—not offensive—and have only a range of a few hundred miles so cannot remotely come close to Russian ICBMs launched on a polar trajectory.)

He noted that Russia will not allow NATO into Ukraine (or Ukraine to be in NATO), even if Ukraine wants that. Therefore, Pozner was openly saying that Russia does not care what a sovereign country wants. It is not allowed to decide what it wants. (But in any case, there has been no serious talk of Ukraine being in NATO—at least not in the next decades.)

He said Russia had mentioned in the 1990s that there should be a new security organization to replace NATO but that the US refused the offer. I never heard of this, though in the 90s NATO did mention a few times maybe that Russia should think about joining NATO, but Moscow always refused. In this context, he said it was odd that NATO rejected Russian membership, and then in a sarcastic voice said that NATO did accept countries like Poland, Romania, and a host of other eastern European countries he named, which got hearty laughter from the mainly nationalistic young Russian audience, showing their true colours of thinking that these former eastern European satellite states are some kind of pathetic trash. Untermenschen. Very telling, and disturbing, giving that they are supposed to be getting an education at one of the top universities in the world known for free thought (vice blind nationalism and belittling ‘inferior’ nations).

He continued that Russia believes it is a great power with a mission, but was treated as a third-rate country after the fall of the USSR, while the US went about doing things unilaterally, such as bombing Serbia and carving out Kosovo, which he contends is no different thant Crimea or Abkhazia. These are blatant lies, as in the 90s the US and West were looking for a partner in Russia, and more recently with Obama’s ‘reset’, which Moscow took to be a sign of weakness so worthy of despising). The actions in the former Yugoslavia were taken with UNSC resolutions which largely (but not totally) covered the actions, which were not vetoed by Russia, which easily could have. They are also totally different than the cases of Crimea and Abkhazia, as the Serbs, backed by Russia, had an establiehed track record of being the worst in an area of bad actors, who had committed mass murders in Croatia and Bosnia, and were moving on to Kosovo. Abkhazia, South Ossetia, and Crimea were not under threat from anyone, and Russia’s actions there were fully unilateral, and rammed through at world-record speed.

He continued from the fall of the USSR and the dismal 1990s to the rise of Putin, who created the power vertical, got the oligarchs under control (except for Khodorkovsky, who he claimed refused to get out of politics—not quite, since his ‘crime’ was actually calling out some shady Rosneft takeover deals he did not realise Putin was involved in), and rebuilt the country. This led to Putin’s (in)famous Munich conference speech in 2007 when he proclaimed Russia’s greatness and set up the break from the West.

On this point, Pozner noted that Russians do not need things like democracy, liberal thought, or concepts like freedom of speech and even foreign travel—all they need is the greatness and stability and protection Putin provides. His inference is that Russians are not as shallow as Westerners who need these comforts and vague concepts. He claimed that there was no grassroots anti-US/anti-Western feeling in the Soviet Union, but there is a lot of it now in Russia (and of course it is the West’s fault).

Moving to current times, he wondered what the use of sanctions was, since they do not hurt Putin and the top people—only regular Russians, who see them as unjust (though he later contradicted himself saying sanctions are not effective). He claimed they only make Putin stronger and increase his support. He said sanctions are an ‘ill-advised policy that will lead to the opposite’ (like what? Russia invading Ukraine or hating the US? It already has and does).

On the subject of Ukraine, he claimed Ukraine is part of Russia and has been since the 1600s (off and on parts were, but this was territorial land-grabbing, and Ukraine was part of Poland for centuries previously and parts were historically under Greek control longer than any other), and that the Ukrainian language is nearly the same as Russian (which it is not, since Ukrainian has as much in common with Polish as it does with Russian, and most Russians have a hard time deciphering a lot of Ukrainian text).

He then used a bizarre example to show what Russia is feeling. Imagine, he said, if there was a revolution in Mexico, and afterwards it was feeling worried about the US, so let troops from a foreign country take up positions on the Mexican-US border. This ridiculous example has nothing to do with reality. The Maidan revolution got rid of a murderous kleptocrat and his government, who happened to be in Russia’s pocket. There was no talk of Ukraine joining NATO, or foreign troops being permanently based in Ukraine. In fact, the Yanukovych opposition had long contended that his 2010 agreement with Russia on extending the Black Sea Fleet’s basing in Crimea for decades was a violation of the Ukrainian Constitution, which forbids permanent basing of foreign troops in Ukraine.

He claimed we all get our ideas from TV and media, which is largely true, especially in a place like Russia where there is no real non-state version of ‘reality’ in the media.

During his actual talk, he did not touch at all on the Russian annexation of Crimea, invasion of Ukraine, or even the fact that this was the basis of the current sanctions. He just left most things in a vacuum, with no context, which is the regular Russian disinformation method. When question time came, he just got some benign queries from mostly Russian students wanting to know things like whether it was worth going back to Russia after graduation (to which he said of course it should be considered, since no matter how well you speak English you will not be accepted as British).

During one question on patriotism, he compared the Russian variant (which he admitted was based on negatives, such as everyone is ganging up on poor Russia) with that in the US. He mentioned how over the years he noticed that at all professional sports events in the US, they are preceded by the singing of the national anthem with everyone standing and ‘putting their hand over where their heart is supposed to be.’ This again drew big nationalistic laughter from the room (the heartless Americans apparently). This was so cheap and Soviet in a way, but normal for Putin’s Russia. But it was right in a way, since the US version of patriotism is shallow, because we just don’t do the aggressive nationalism thing the way the Russians do.

On the Nemtsov murder, he called it a tragedy (as does everyone), but the question is ‘why’. He said that Putin had nothing to gain since Nemtsov had a tiny following like the rest of the opposition, so it would make no sense. He said Putin is calculating, so why would he decide to kill him. But he suggested a nebulous ‘party of war’ might want to, whoever that might be. This was straight from the Kremlin playbook and could have been said word for word by Putin’s spokesman Peskov. It also ignores the fact that Putin is vindictive and seemingly does things merely to get back at his enemies, big and small. After all, he had people like Litvinenko and Politkovskaya (and many others—mainly journalists) murdered, even though they were just minor irritants, and invaded Ukraine leading to the devastation of the Russian economy. So yes, the question is ‘why’, but there is no good answer when dealing with a fascist sociopath like Putin.

One question was on whether Russia should fear NATO or economic collapse more. Naturally, per Pozner, Russians will put up with any economic woes, the US is responsible for inflation in Russia, people don’t care about imported goods (since most he said are not privileged and hence do not buy all these imported things), and ‘Russia says go to Hell’. It will never give Ukraine or Crimea back, so he said, and NATO is the worse threat. He noted that NATO is already on the borders with Russia in Estonia and Lithuania, ignoring the fact that for the entire Cold War the US, in the form of Alaska, Norway, and Turkey were on the USSR’s borders, and also apparently forgetting that Poland—another of his despised former satellite shit countries—also borders Kaliningrad.

He claimed things are better in Russia now under Putin and that citizens do not care about criticizing the government. They don’t care about such rights or freedom of speech.

In sum, for a guy who said he would not represent any viewpoint in particular, he represented Putin’s entirely, though far smoother than someone like chief Kremlin TV propagandist Kiselev who is a blatant liar and does not pretend to build any credentials to show how ‘neutral’ he is. Though Pozner noted at the start that he had three citizenships (US, French, and Russian), he represented only one and constantly referred to ‘we’ and ‘us’, as in threats to ‘us’. It was clear where he stood and for whom.

His talk in a few sentences: Russia is being encircled, NATO is on its borders with its missiles and whatnot, and Russians will sacrifice what they have to in order to keep this enemy at bay. This mentality is so 19th century, but so Russian. It has to have an enemy on its doorstep, because for some odd reason it seems that everyone wants Russia. Oh, and Ukraine is Russia and must do what Russia tells it to do.


‘That was a fine tank, a great tank. It’s burnt now.’ — Recollections of a Russian Soldier from the 5th Tank Brigade Fighting in Ukraine

Batomkunuev in hospital and talk about him on the 5th Tank Brigade's VKontakte page

Batomkunuev in hospital and talk about him on the 5th Tank Brigade’s VKontakte page

Novaya Gazeta, one of the last independent news outlets in Russia, posted an article of a long interview in a Donetsk hospital with 20-year-old Russian ARMY soldier Dorzhi Batomkunuev, who was severely burnt on 19 February while fighting near Debaltseve Ukraine. He was from the 5th Independent Tank Brigade (V/Ch 46108) from Ulan-Ude in the Far East, and like most in his unit, a local Buddhist Buryat.

This will be news to the trolls, clueless, and delusional who do not believe Russian military forces have been fighting a war in Ukraine, but not to those who have seen any of the mountains of evidence available to date.

Originally a conscript, he signed a three-year contract in 2014 and ended up in the 2nd Tank Battalion, which added extra contract troops and was notified in late 2014 that it was going for the now infamous maneuvers near Rostov, though he claims all knew it meant going to Ukraine. The full story is in the linked articles (the original in Russian and the second a generally good English translation). The interview also sheds some light on the mindset of the Russian troops fighting there and how totally brainwashed they are from Russian state media.

In addition to his very technically accurate descriptions of his unit moving into Ukraine, the specifics of his T-72B tank (a missile-firing variant the Ukrainian military has never possessed), and the conduct of the tank battles, there are some interesting points he made:

His unit in Ukraine was a standard 31-tank battalion, but made into a battalion task force with the addition of infantry and a larger logistics tail.

He also mentions how they trained for a full three months near Rostov, along with a number of other regular Russian military units.

The unit political officer (a throwback to Soviet times, which after a short disappearance in the 90s, has made a comeback) helped prepare them for their mission psychologically, though does not seem to have had to resort to hardcore political indoctrination–the troops seem to have already been brainwashed.

He mentions how back in Ulan-Ude they regularly watched TV and saw how horrible the Ukrainians were–according to the official Russian state version. They seem to have unquestioningly eaten it all up.

While in eastern Ukraine, one of the battalion brass told them to be careful since 70% of the people there did not support Russia. This figure is perhaps a bit low, but is close to the percentage of people in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions who are ethnically Ukrainian (though polling a year ago also showed most ethnic Russians there did not support separatism or joining Russia). Yet amazingly, he ignores those numbers and tells the interviewer that they have to beat the Ukrainians (using various pejorative terms for them in his conversation), because the locals had voted to be independent. An unbelievable case of brainwashing having worked.

As part of his brainwashing, he claims there were foreigners fighting there. Chechens (yes there are some fighting for the Ukrainians but more Kadyrovites fighting for the Russian side), and Poles, though when question he said he did not see any. On the subject of Ukrainian troops, he seems to have filled in some blanks from his state brainwashing, by saying he had heard some Ukrainian prisoners saying they had indeed killed civilians, and that they had to go to the army or else the Ukrainian government would kill their parents and family (major lies). This is most likely more of the Kremlin line (it is word for word) coming through.

On the other hand, when recounting various battles, it was always the Ukrainians targeting Russian military forces–either by mortars or other tanks–not civilians, though he does mention how they sometimes fired on cars.

A lot of Russian tanks were destroyed there, including the commander’s.

The local separatist militia appears to have been (as we have long said on these pages) in a minor supporting role, and his assessment was that they were a bunch of guys with guns who fired recklessly and then left, as though it were a job.

After his severe burning and movement to the hospital in Donetsk, the ward was visited by Russian singer Josef Kobzon (a Putin favourite and all-round Mafia boss), who spoke with him for some time, and was later broadcast on Russian TV (video link in the English-language interview article).

His greatest brainwashing nuggets were at the end, when he, apparently a bit confused, said “If Ukraine joins the EU, the UN, then the UN may deploy their rockets here, their weapons, they could do it. And then this will be pointed at us. They will be a lot closer to us, not beyond the oceans. Right at out land border….But if they take Donbas and deploy the rockets, then they can reach Russia if it comes to that.” Horrible United Nations and its missiles.

Original Russian Novaya Gazeta Article

English Translation of Novaya Gazeta Article


Another Russian Fake

Green Group sigs same

The list of Russian disinformation fakes is getting ridiculously longer, but this is a good one. The online group calling itself Cyberberkut (named after Yanukovych’s murderous special police) which claims to excel at cyber attacks and liberating e-mails like some kind of WikiLeaks to show US/Ukrainian/NATO wrongdoing published some supposed documents a few days ago showing that the US was using a private security company to send weapons and fighters to Ukraine. Actually it would be great if the US was actually doing that and finally countering Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but this is sadly not the case. As usual, some simple mistakes show the fakery of it all.

Disinformation–Cyberberkut page on alleged US Defence contractor in Ukraine

The intercepted documents have to do with an alleged visit to Kyiv by private defence contractor Green Group LLC, though it is unclear why the group would poorly scan and fax printed and signed proposals in any case (instead of sending just a regular e-mail, or having the delegation, whose names are on another un-scanned document, just hand carry them).

All of the documents are form Green Group but are in Ukrainian. We are not fluent enough in Ukrainian to determine whether they are all correctly written, but the fact is, US companies and the US government do not put such lengthy documents into the language of the recipient. Americans are lazy with languages, and all of these countries like Ukraine have adequate numbers of fairly fluent English speakers who can deal with English. Much more, the company is headquartered in Oklahoma, where some might say English is not even a strong suit, much less Ukrainian.

The list of Green Group reps who allegedly visited Kyiv have their names rendered in Ukrainian as well as English. One, a certain Juan Duran, has his name in Ukrainian written as ‘zhu-an’, which of course could be a mistake a foreigner seeing the ‘J’ might make, if they did not know the Spanish pronunciation is not like a ‘J’.

On the side of each document there are the US and European addresses, with the European one stating ‘The city of Tbilisi, Georgia’. Having spent lot of time in Georgia, we never recall anyone writing ‘The city of Tbilisi’. It is just Tbilisi. Sometimes one might want to specify that they are referring to the country of Georgia, vice the US state of the same name, but Tbilisi never gets confused with anything else.

But the most glaring errors are on the signature blocks for the CEO of Green Group, Greg Holmes. Amazingly for a company that allegedly put so much into crafting these personal proposal letters to the Chief of the Ukrainian General Staff, all translated improbably into Ukrainian, the signature blocks, signature of the CEO, and the Green Group overstamp are all perfectly identical. Absolutely identical. Not any slight deviation in the signature, which intersects the letters of the signature block in identical spots, and the overstamp is in precisely the same spot on each of the three letters.

Another disinformation fake. But on the bright side, at least Russian disinformation has moved on from its bogus infatuation with the no longer extant Blackwater which they earlier claimed were everywhere in eastern Ukraine.


Excellent ‘Ukraine@war’ Video Analysis of Kremlin’s Nemtsov Murder

CCTV cameras on lamp post behind Nemtsov murder scene

CCTV cameras on lamp post behind Nemtsov murder scene

Ukraine@war excellent analysis of Nemtsov murder

This repost of Ukraine@war with analysis of the Nemtsov murder video closely follows what we have been saying here, but takes the analysis to an excellent higher level. The street cleaning truck/garbage truck was most definitely part of the plan. Also note that it took a full 13 minutes for the first police to arrive–right in front of the Kremlin!

CCTV cameras on lamp post in front of Nemtsov murder scene

CCTV cameras on lamp post in front of Nemtsov murder scene

Today Interior Ministry officials said all the CCTV cameras on the bridge and in the area were either under maintenance or turned off Friday night. Even the ones on the lamp posts right behind and in front of the kill spot. How convenient  for Putin, who had the sole motive and was definitely behind it (though his spokesman Peskov right away said it was 100% a provocation, either by Islamists, Ukrainians, opposition, or presumably space aliens).


Big Turnout in Moscow for Nemtsov March While Kremlin Unabashedly Blames US State Department for Murder

Moscow 1 Mar 8

Surprisingly, Russians found some voice today with a large turnout for the long-planned anti-regime Spring march, which after the murder of opposition leader Nemtsov just before midnight 27-28 February was changed to a memorial march to the spot where he was murdered on Moskvoretskiy Bridge (initially reported as the Bolshoy Kamenniy Bridge 250 metres away on the other side of the Kremlin). Police reported 21,000, though other sources and photographic evidence would suggest something more like 70,000, which is not bad for Russian opposition events.

Moscow 1 Mar bridgejpg

There were some problems with people having banners confiscated at the metal detectors operated by police at the starting point of the march–banners with negative things to say about Putin, but that is unfortunately normal in a Fascist state. Additionally, Ukrainian Rada deputy (who is also a deputy in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe) Aleksey Goncharenko was arrested and is being held in a Moscow jail on unspecified charges. He was not carrying any banners or flags, but was wearing a shirt with Nemtsov’s picture and the worlds ‘Heroes don’t die’ written in Ukrainian.

Moscow 1 Mar 9

Quadcopter view of the embankment portion of the march

Banners were mostly related to Nemtsov’s murder, though some groups marched with banners calling for the release of Nadya Savchenko form Russian jail. She is the Ukrainian pilot who was fighting with a volunteer battalion near Luhansk and was captures, interrogated on Komsomolskaya Pravda TV in Ukraine, and then taken across the border to Russia to be put on trial for allegedly directing mortar fire on a Russian fighter’s blockpost which killed a Russian journalist who happened to be there. They have since acknowledged that her phone record indicate she was captured before that incident (which in any case was not illegal since it was artillery on a military target), and she was nowhere near that spot, but are still charging her with illegally crossing the border (which she was taken across while kidnapped). Other posters said ‘we are not afraid’ or had the name Boris with an added soft sign, which transforms it in Russian into ‘fight’.


Boris turned into word 'fight'

Boris turned into word ‘fight’

Other marches drawing thousands were held in St Petersburg and Yekaterinburg among others. There, protesters carried more Ukrainian flags than were seen in Moscow (which were nearly all Russian flags), and in Yekaterinburg there was one interesting sign playing on Putin’s popularity figures, stating ‘Putin 86%, Hitler 87%, Qadhafi 99%’.


Free Savchenko portion of march

Free Savchenko portion of march

Nadya (Savchenko) Jean d'Arc

Nadya (Savchenko) Jean d’Arc

It remains to be seen whether this march transforms into any kind of a sustained movement. Historically that has not happened, but this could be different.

Moscow 1 Mar 2

As for the murder, naturally Russian officials and moronic RT put out the versions that it could have been Islamic terrorists, Ukrainian extremists, a mafia contract killing, the CIA, Gosdep (US State Department), or anything but the Kremlin. Putin’s spokesman Peskov said it was ’100% a provocation.’ So they already have made their conclusions and deflected attention from the only person with a motive and who has a proven track record of having his opponents murdered. The sole poor quality video of the murder from a CCTV camera across the river shows Nemtsov and the visiting Ukrainian woman (still in police custody as an apparent witness–in Russia apparently witnesses are kept in jail) walking up the bridge from Red Square , as a street cleaning machine moves slowly behind them (some say snow plow, but it has no plow and moves at a snail’s pace with flashing lights), the murderer apparently came from the street cleaner, as nobody can be seen coming from the nearby stairs behind them, then the shooter runs to a following stopped car and it speeds off. The street cleaning truck appears to have been what the killer came out of, as it also conveniently blocked the CCTV view of the killing, but it is obviously not a quick vehicle to be used for a getaway, hence the following car.


Scene of murder on the bridge

Scene of murder on the bridge

CCTV camera view of murder

Nemtsov cctv still

Amazingly, given that there are always OMON present on this bridge and just below the stairs, nobody saw the murder, and it took police 10 minutes to get there. Contrast with August 2014 on the nearby Kremlin Kamenniy Bridge when some activists tried to unfurl a large Ukrainian flag over the side. Video showed the police being on them in 15 seconds and arresting them and pulling up the flag. In a most high security location, nobody saw anything and police were nowhere in sight?


Ukrainian MP Goncharenko in Moscow jail

Ukrainian MP Goncharenko in Moscow jail

Aug 2014 Ukrainian flag unfurling and rapid police response near Kremlin

The FSB has searched Nemtsov’s apartment and taken all papers and computers to look for ‘evidence’ related to the murder, though obviously the reason is to find and destroy the report he was preparing to release (much like the many corruption exposes he published such as those related to Putin’s enrichment from the Sochi Olympics),on Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine. This is something the Kremlin certainly would not want to see published, as Nemtsov in the past had meticulously documented his allegations against the Kremlin.


Bullets for all of us

Bullets for all of us

Then, Putin, being the cynical scum he is, threw salt in the wound by calling Nemtsov’s mother and offering his condolences. Like Hitler calling Von Stauffenberg’s widow.

Google Streetview showing OMON at normal station one lamppost from murder scene (above embankment street). Must have been off duty Friday night.

Google Streetview showing OMON at normal station one lamppost from murder scene (above embankment street). Must have been off duty Friday night.

Putin Blatantly Celebrates Murder and Annexation of other Countries


Yesterday, 27 February, Putin declared by presidential decree as ‘Day of Special Operations Forces’, making it a new professional holiday in Russia. The occasion, as he stated, was the first anniversary of Russian Spetsnaz taking over the Crimean parliament in Simferopol. The same action he denied for months and said was just the will of the Crimean people that was implemented by local separatists. He lied then and lies now about his invasion of eastern Ukraine (which his Spetsnaz serf Girkin has even admitted was planned and carried out by Spetsnaz).

Russian Spetsnaz taking over Crimean Rada on 27 Feb 2014, seen from security cameras

Russian Spetsnaz taking over Crimean Rada on 27 Feb 2014, seen from security cameras

Rossiyskaya Gazeta article on Putin decree of Special Operations Day

Of course, his professional holiday would not have been complete without other special operations forces murdering a top opponent, Boris Nemtsov, in the shadow of the Kremlin. His goal was to not only cow the marginal Russian opposition and dampen their upcoming demonstration on 1 March (which is already scaled back to a memorial march to the murder scene, which Moscow City instantly authorized, probably to rub in the fact that opponents–even those who used to be Russian Deputy Prime Ministers–can and will be murdered, so nobody is exempt), but to clearly demonstrate that he is the unquestionable power supported by the power apparatus.

Nemtsov murder scene on bridge by Red Square, 27 Feb 2014. Special operation.

Nemtsov murder scene on bridge by Red Square, 27 Feb 2014. Special operation.

Interestingly, 27 February was also the 82nd anniversary of the Reichstag fire in Berlin, which was probably done by the Nazis to pin the blame on the Communists, allowing the new Nazi government to cement its absolute authority, much as Putin came into power by murdering nearly 300 Russians by having the FSB bomb apartment buildings throughout Russia to blame the Chechens, cementing his authority and war credentials.

The decree announcement in the official government paper Rossiyskaya Gazeta noted that the ‘polite people’ now have their professional holiday (the name given to the ‘polite green men’ in Crimea–Russian forces that Putin initially denied were taking over the region. They ended with С праздником, самые вежливые люди России! (Congratulations on your holiday, to the most polite people of Russia!). Polite fascist invaders, occupiers, and lowlife murdering thugs.

Security camera video of Russian Spetsnaz taking Crimean Rada at 4 AM, 27 Feb 2014–Denied then, and now a Russian holiday

Putin Murders Critic Nemtsov Near the Kremlin

Nemtsov murder location on bridge near Kremlin and Red Square

Nemtsov murder location on bridge near Kremlin and Red Square

Putin murders another critic. Boris Nemtsov, a former Deputy Prime Minister under Yeltsin and outspoken critic of the Putin regime, was gunned down at 2340 tonight Moscow time on the Bolshoy Kamenniy Bridge (right next to the Kremlin), when a white car stopped, shooters got out, and opened fire hitting him four times. Of course the government says it has started an investigation. Should be easy since they obviously did it, once again.

Nemtsov had recently said he expected the regime would try to kill him.

It did.

Boris Nemtsov murdered by Putin

Boris Nemtsov murdered by Putin